Contemporary Art Space

Contemporary Art Space

HEC’s interest in cultural and artistic themes sparkled many years ago. In 1985, HEC Paris launched a new specialized program called ‘Arts and culture management’, led by Professor Yves Evrard, which later became the ‘Arts and design management’ concentration run by Professor Nicole Ferry. In 2000, the school hit a new milestone with the opening of the ‘HEC contemporary art space’.

HEC Paris thus became the first French business school to implement a place for reflection, awareness and creation fully dedicated to contemporary art, placing open-mindedness, creativity, multiculturalism and innovation at the heart of its project.

Paul Dini, the former President of HEC Alumni and of the HEC Foundation, and an all-time entrepreneur and collector of modern art, encouraged the campus to create its first exhibition of modern art in 1999. Since then, artistic initiatives have multiplied: individual and collective exhibitions, in-house artists, joint creations of artwork, and even forums and debates.

This new experimenting and creative zone that has been started by HEC aims to enforce the link between art and business. Prosperous economies have always enjoyed booming and innovative art scenes.

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