Governance structure

HEC Paris, affiliated to the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has two governing bodies: the Council and the Advisory Board.


HEC’s Council comprises elected representatives of the Paris Chamber of commerce and industry who meet up four times a year. It engages with questions of budget, planning and policy, and ensures that the school’s strategy is in line with the needs of today’s business world.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of internationally renowned professors and senior business leaders, as well as members of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This consultative body meets twice a year to address critical issues in the school’s development strategy.

In order to guarantee coherence and coordination between these two bodies, both are chaired by Henri Proglio, honorary chairman of EDF, and elected by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Henri Proglio, Honorary Chairman – EDF


Bernard Irion, Administrator – F4
Jean-Claude Karpelès, CEO – 3e Group
Olivier Mellerio, CEO – Mellerio dits Meller

Council members:

Raymond Albero, Chief Engineer – AIE
 Cécile André-Leruste, Vice-President, Corporate & Investment Banking – Capgemini
 Michel Aussavy, Chairman – M. Direct & Sales
 Charles Behzadi, International Director – AB Project Management
 Jérôme Brette, Managing Director – Cogessur
 Philippe Cailleton, Managing Director – Brasserie Le Brisemiche
 Jean-Philippe Christoph, Managing Director – Jeanfi
 Benoît Clement, Managing Director –Abri & Co.
 Jérôme Frantz, CEO – Frantz Electrolyse
 Arnould d'Hautefeuille, Chairman and CEO – Bollinger
 Pierre Deschamps, CEO – Maison Ardens
 Frédéric Diquelou, Director, Real Estate Business Development – Leclerc
 Yves Fouchet, CEO – DBF Audit
 Bernard Hagège, Chairman and CEO – Atemation
 Bruno Laubard, Chairman and CEO – Messageries Routières Paris-Lille
 Michel Laurent, CEO – Aciéries de la Seine
 Guillemette Lorrain, Development Director, France – EDF
 Pierre Lory, Chairman – MEDEF Seine-et-Marne
 Soumia Malinbaum, Development Director – Keyrus Management
 Nicholas Moufflet, Chairman – JAM Ltd.
 René Revault, Chairman – ITC Elastomères
 Jean-Paul Rigal, Chairman and CEO – Stepnet Ingénierie
 Hervé Saint-Sauveur, Chairman – LCH.Clearnet France
 Claude de Saint Vincent, CEO – Media Participations
 François Seguineau, CEO – Toshiba Systems France
 Jean-Pierre Sellier, Chairman, Advisory Board – Lacroix Participations & Services
 Amaury de Turckheim, Chairman – TF Participations 

Advisory board members since 2009

Seiichiro Adachi, Audit & Supervisory Board Member – Toyota Tsusho Corp.
 Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman and CEO – L’Oréal
 Jean-Luc Allavena, Partner – Apollo Global Management LLC,
 His Excellency Sheikh Abdulla bin Ali Al-Thani, Vice President of Education – Qatar Foundation, President – Hamad bin Khalifa University
 Jean d’Arthuys, Chairman and CEO – Ft1ci, Executive Committee Member – FSI
 Daniel Bernard, Chairman – Kingfisher plc
 Eugenia Bieto, Director General – ESADE
 Bernard Bourigeaud, Board Member – CGI Group
 Gary L. Brinderson, Chairman – Brinderson Holdings
 Henri de Castries, Chairman and CEO – AXA
 Peter Child, Director – McKinsey
 Xavier Cornu, Director-General, Education & Research – Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry 
 Yves Couillard, Former Chairman – HP France 
 Andrea Cuomo, Executive Vice-President, Advanced Systems Technology and Special Projects Europe – ST Microelectronics
 Frank Dangeard, Board Member – Symantec, Associate Director – Harcourt
 Thomas Edig, Vice-Chairman – Porsche AG
 Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management – Harvard Business School
 Mireille Faugère, President – HEC Alumni
 Orit Gadiesh, Chairman – Bain & Company
 Pierre-Antoine Gailly, President – Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry
 Etienne Guyot, Director-General – Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry
 Dominique Hanssens, Bud Knapp Professor of Marketing – UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management
 Guillaume d’Hauteville, Vice-Chairman – Access Industries
 Sylvain Hefes, Supervisory Board Member – Paris Orléans (Rothschild Group)
 Anne-Marie Idrac, Former French Secretary of State for Trade 
 Claude Jouven, Former Chairman – Citigroup France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Ireland
 Sir Paul Judge, Board Member – The Abraaj Group
 Valery Katkalo, Dean, Graduate School of Management (GSOM) – St Petersburg State University
 Bruno Lafont, Chairman and CEO – Lafarge
 Bertrand Leonard, President – HEC Foundation  
 Carlos Losada, Director General – ESADE
 Hans Ulrich Maerki, Board Member – Swiss Re
 Baron von Pfetten, President – Royal Institute for East-West Strategic Studies
 Karsten Popp, Co-founder and CEO – Holistic Innovations
 Henri Proglio, Honorary Chairman – EDF
 Baudouin Prot, Former Chairman – BNP Paribas
 Mark Pu, Chairman – IEA Holdings
 Franck Riboud, Chairman – Danone
 Stéphane Richard, Chairman and CEO – Orange  
 David Schmittlein, Dean – MIT Sloan School of Management
 Vipin Sharma, Chairman – Trends Services
 Alvin Silk, Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration Emeritus – Harvard Business School
 Pierre Simon, President – Paris-Île de France Capitale Economique
 Carlos I. Simonsen Leal, President – FGV Foundation, Former President – Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry
 Domenico Siniscalco, Vice-Chairman – Morgan Stanley International
 Francesco Starace,  Chairman and CEO – Enel
 Ezra Suleiman, IBM Professor in International Studies – Princeton University
 Pierre Trouillet, Former Director-General – Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry
 François Vachey, Former CEO – L’Oréal
 Jean-Paul Vermes, Chairman – VMS France, Vice-Président, Education – Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry
 Christian Vulliez, Member – High Council of Education
 Chunjun Zhao, Former Dean – Tsinghua University