HEC Management

Peter Todd, Dean

Eric Ponsonnet, Deputy Director General for Administration, Finance and Operations

Joséphine Haquet, Chief of Staff

Jacques Olivier, Dean of Faculty and Research

Kristine de Valck, Associate Dean, PhD Director

Christophe Pérignon, Associate Dean, Director for Research

Eloïc Peyrache, Associate Dean, Master in Management Grande Ecole, Specialized Masters, MSc

Andrea Masini, Associate Dean, MBA

Nathalie Lugagne, Associate Dean, Executive Education

Marcelle Laliberté, Assistant Dean of Students

Marc Vanhuele, Associate Dean, Senior Advisor to the Dean

François Collin, Associate Dean, International Development

Raphaëlle Gautier, Director, Corporate Partnerships & Careers

Philippe Oster, Director of Communications

Philippe Reymond, Director of Public Funding and Institutional Affairs

Cédric Adnet, Human Resources Director

Marie-Laure Nave, Finance Director

Jean-Pierre Pujals, Director of Operations and Infrastructures

Delphine Colson, Executive Director, Fondation HEC

Jérémy Bas, General Manager, HEC Alumni