The President

Henri Proglio has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EDF since 25 November 2009. He was appointed director of EDF, which was then a state-owned industrial and commercial institution (établissement public industriel et commercial - EPIC), in September 2004.

Henri Proglio - Président du Conseil d’Etablissement d’HEC Paris

In addition, he is director of CNP Assurances, Dassault Aviation, Fomento di Contrucciones y Contratas, Natixis, Veolia Environnement and Veolia Propreté, and member of the Supervisory Board of Veolia Eau.

He is deputy Chairman of the Strategic Nuclear Energy Committee, member of the French Atomic Energy Committee, the High Committee for Transparency and Information on Nuclear Safety, the French National Committee on Sectors of Vital Importance and director of the Fondation Européenne pour les Énergies de Demain.

Henri Proglio is President of HEC’s Council.