Although e-business plays an increasing role in the economy, both within traditional sectors as well as in the "new economy", relatively few opportunities were offered to HEC students to develop their knowledge of, as well as specific skills in, the field. (Find out the brand new 'Google@HEC Chair' signed in January 2012).

The Digital Innovation for Business Certificate is part of an effort by HEC to take a strong stance in e-business, along with 1st and 2nd year elective courses, the new Digital Agency Academy, the Major/MS Digital Business Strategy (Management and New Technologies) and the HEC Paris Start-up Incubator.

The Certificate provides HEC students (either Major, MSc, exchange or MBA) with the opportunity to embrace e-business through an entrepreneurial approach. Entrepreneurship can mean start-ups and the creation of new ventures, as well as the development of innovative projects within large companies. That is why the Certificate will explore the various ways digital technologies enhance innovation through new business models, e-commerce, digital communication, collaborative marketing, the funding of new ventures, etc.

The program will alternate various pedagogical methods so as to make this two-month period both exciting and memorable for participants. Courses will be taught partly by professors from HEC or from North American or Indian universities, and partly by professional experts with teaching experience. Digital managers and entrepreneurs will share their knowledge of the business through conferences and testimonials in addition to regular courses. These conferences and courses will run alongside case studies, a consulting mission and also an entrepreneurial project.

The Certificate is under the direction of the new HEC Chair in E-Business, that was funded in 2011. The Chair and Certificate were created thanks to sponsorship coming from a group of French digital entrepreneurs who have between them been responsible for the creation and management of some of the top digital companies in Europe: Jacques-Antoine Granjon, founder and president of vente-privee (private shopping club), Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, founder and President of Price Minister (online shopping service), Xavier Niel, founder and president of Free (telecom operator), Steve Rosenblum, founder and president of Pixmania (ecommerce) and Marc Simoncini, founder and president of Meetic (online dating service). They will come and share their experience with students and their company, along with other online or offline firms, who will directly participate to the program.


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