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Increasing your brand's visibility on campus

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Club Campus offers the opportunity of communicating with students through a variety of events and actions.

"Club Campus" formula:

Club Campus offers the opportunity of communicating with students through a variety of events and actions.

List of The Club Campus members

"A la carte"

To study together the answers adapted to your needs.

For more information please contact Sophie Bricage by e-mail or by phone at + 33 1 39 67 95 19

Talent Fairs

Every year, HEC Paris organizes Talent fairs for all students.

For more information please contact:

Claudia Tantillo by email

Nathalie Ten-Hove by email

Becoming a Corporate Partner of the HEC Foundation


Becoming a member of the HEC Foundation provides you with a unique opportunity to create a lasting relationship with HEC Paris, reinforce your presence as well as benefit from special services. 

You will also benefit from the support of the Corporate Partnerships and Careers Department to develop academic partnerships with the faculty (teaching sessions, case studies, guest speakers from your company…) and get access to HEC centers of expertise and HEC Alumni.

Your company name will be mentionned on all HEC publications as a Foundation corporate partner.

You will also play an active part in the strategic choices made by HEC Paris through the Foundation's Pedagogical Committee and Research Committee.

The HEC Foundation, recognized as a Public Interest Foundation, is dedicated to supporting HEC’s development, encouraging its international development and promoting management science.

Membership contribution is €60,000 per year over 4 years.
In France, 60% of payments are tax deductible within a limit of 5 ‰ of turnover (article 238bis of the “Code Général des Impôts”).
In Great Britain and in the USA: Friends of HEC Inc Charitable Trust. Tax deductions according to local legislation.

Corporate Partners of The HEC Foundation

The HEC Foundation

Joining a thematic Center

Centers pave the way for a deeper understanding of major transversal themes thanks to numerous pedagogical and academic interactions with major players in different fields. They also enrich thought and encourage the emergence of innovative solutions and the anticipation of upcoming change.

The endowment of the company comes to €125,000 per year over a renewable 5 year period.

List of our Centers

Creating a Chair

Signature Chaire Digital Innovation for Business - HEC Paris

Develop a long-term relationship with HEC Paris: When signing a chair for a 5-year period, your company and HEC will jointly develop expertise on a topic of choice. The chair can be dedicated to research or teaching.

Creating a Chair can result in the design of a Certificate, a 100-hour module to which your company’s name is closely associated. It can also result in the sponsorship of a specialization. The company is fully involved in defining and teaching the program.

Creating a research Chair means benefiting from the excellence of a Senior Professor in his or her field of expertise and providing the context and means for them to carry out their work: publications in prestigious reviews, communications in seminars and congresses, pedagogical projects, etc

Any company which creates a chair is automatically granted membership of the HEC Foundation.

The endowment of the company comes to €250,000 per year over a renewable 5 year period.

List of our Research Chairs

List of our Teaching Chairs

Creating or assigning a scholarship fund for students

Elèves boursiers HEC Paris

You will thereby contribute to HEC Paris’ social responsibility policy:

  • needs-based scholarships aimed at promoting equal opportunities: 20% of Master in Management Grande Ecole students are granted full or partial needs-based scholarships
  • recruitment of foreign students: several companies or individuals have decided to grant scholarships to students coming from geographical areas they bear special interest to and whose academic background they also find interesting. The scholarship is then named and advertised after the donor’s name.
  • PhD scholarships: company sponsors thus support HEC's financial aid policy