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Digital Strategy and Big Data


Through the Chair, AXA aims to promote academic and professional education of the highest level in France and Europe within the field of management science.

The chair of AXA’s digital strategy and Big Data intends to develop lessons on:

  • Digital strategy, namely, the issue of digital innovation within an organization and its impact on its strategy and economic model.
  • The challenge of Big Data – how the processing of large data bases and the continual flow of data opens new perspectives on market understanding and the behavior of clients and the creation of new services (products, tariffs, communication, distribution)

These teachings are aimed at: 

-  First and second year students via an elective and an academy regarding digital processing or Big Data;

-  Most management and New Technology students, certified in Digital Innovation for Business and certified Digital Transformation on the same themes.

Beyond the students on campus (HEC students and those invited to come from engineering schools), the Chair will launch an initiative – forum, conference days, or contests –on the collaboration between large companies and start-ups 

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