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  • European Competition Law and Single Market Policies

The Interface between the Business World and EU Institutions
Jean-Claude Lahaut, Secretary General, CEFIC – The European Chemical Industry Council

  • What Strategy for European Growth?

New Financial Regulation
Petr Blizkovsky*, Director Economic and Regional Affairs, General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union
*Views expresed in this paper are those of the author and they do not in any way reflect the Council´s views.

Environment and Energy: is there any value added?
Oil and Gas Delivery to Europe. An overview of Existing and Planned Structures (Etude - IFRI)
Susanne Nies, Head of Unit Energy Policies and Power Generation with Eurelectric

  • The Future of Europe – What’s Next?

European visions and national realities
Hans Tümmers, Professor of European Studies at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Visiting Professor at HEC Paris and Managing Director of the Hohenheim Management School




  • Decision making in Europe

After the Lisbon Treaty: Decision-making in Europe and lobbying in Brussels
Daniel Guegen, President of CLAN Public Affairs

  • Europe and the Business World

EU Antitrust Law & Policy
Eric Barbier de La Serre, Partner at Latham Watkins

  • Europe's next Challenges

After Copenhaguen – Climate Change, a Challenge for Europe
Noëlle Lenoir, President of the HEC European Institute, President of Le Cercle des Européens, former french Minister for European Affairs, Affiliate Professor at HEC

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