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Report of the Reflexion Group on the future of European Company Law
With the participation of Noëllele Lenoir, April 2011

- "A Market for Citizens: 14 Action Proposals",
HEC Europe Symposium White Paper, February 2008

- "The Societas Europeae or SE". The New European Company
Noëlle Lenoir's report, HEC Europe Institute, 2007

- "EU Competition Law: Essential Tool of the Common Market"
Noëlle Lenoir's presentation, July 2007

- "European Federalism, What's Ahead of us ?"
Noëlle Lenoir's presentation, December 2006

- "Developing Normative Instruments in Bioethics"
Noëlle Lenoir, 60 Women contributing to the 60 years of Unesco, 2006

- "Is Europe Failing?"
Noëlle Lenoir's speech at Trium Global Executive MBA session, HEC, June 2006

- "Does Europe have the Necessary Means for its Ambitions?"
Noëlle Lenoir's presentation, February 2006

- "EU Merger Control"
Noëlle Lenoir's presentation, November 2005


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