Research seminars

The construction of auditing expertise in measuring government performance"

Speaker: Yves GENDRON
School of Business, University of Alberta, Edmonton

21 November 2005 - From 16h30 to 18h30

"The Effects of Tax Incentives for Investment. The Case of Austrian Accelerated Depreciation"

Speaker: Eva Eberhartinger
Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria

4 November 2005 - From 14h00 to 16h00

"Comment discuter publiquement un papier de recherche"

Speaker: Thomas JEANJEAN et Hervé STOLOWY

21 October 2005 - From 14H00 to 16H00


"Comment discuter publiquement un papier de recherche"

Speaker: Thomas JEANJEAN et Hervé STOLOWY

21 October 2005

"Do pre-acquisitions alliances help in post-acquisitions coordination : an experimental approach"

Speaker: Jaydeep Anand
Fischer College of Business - Ohio

13 June 2005 - From 16h30 to 18h00

Previous research suggests that acquisitions preceded by alliances between

acquired and acquiring firms generate superior coordination relative to outright acquisitions. To address research gaps

related to both the underlying theoretical drivers and empirical evidence on the issue, we use an experimental methodology to

investigate this question. We find that when selection effects are controlled for, prior resource interdependence in

pre-acquisition alliances may actually have a detrimental effect on the degree of post-acquisition coordination, due to the

development and transference of scripts from the pre-acquisition stage that may be inappropriate post-acquisition.

Coordination can, however, be improved by communication and prior social contact during the alliance setting, enabling the

overcoming of scripts that are no longer appropriate.

"Management control, culture and ethnicity in a chinese indonesian company"

Speaker: Trevor HOPPER
Manchester Business School

10 June 2005

Sélection d'articles : “Globalization and the coordinating of work in multinational audits”,“Performance measures and the rationalization of organizations”, “Modes of regulation in advanced capitalism: location accountancy in four countries”, “Changes in the code of ethics of the U.S. accounting profession, 1917 and 1988: the continual quest for legitimation”, “The value of corporate accounting reports: arguments for a political economy of accounting”

Speaker: David J. COOPER
University of Alberta, Canada

9 June 2005 - From 14h00 to 16h00


Trust for Accounting and Accounting for Trust

Speaker: Angelo RICCABONI
Facolta di Economia, Unviversità di Siena, Italia

9 May 2005 - From 14h00 to 16h00

"Designing a strategy to improve performance through a DEA model"

Speaker: João C. NEVES
ISEG School of Economics and Management, Lisbon

7 April 2005 - From 14h00 to 16h00

”Are IFRS more value relevant than European national GAAPS? Evidence from German, Switzerland, and Austria”

Speaker: Bernard RAFFOURNIER
HEC - Université de Genève

18 March 2005

"Boards of Directors and Firm Performance: Is there an Expectations Gap?"

Speaker: Niamh BRENNAN
Quinn School of Business, University College Dublin

11 February 2005 - From 14h00 to 16h00

"The financial and Operating Performance of Chinese Family-owned Listed Companies”

Speaker: Yuan DING

7 January 2005