Research seminars

"Concentrated Ownership Structures and Long Term Operating Performance of Acquiring Firms: the Case of English-Origin Countries"

Speaker: Paul ANDRE
Université d'Edinburgh

15 December 2006


"A Mise-en-sens Process – Sensegiving and Wind Power Development"

Speaker: Hervé Corvellec
Université de Göteborg, Suède

17 November 2006


"Ethique et décisions d'audit"

Speaker: Christian PRAT DIT HAURET
Université Montesquieu, Bordeaux IV - CRECCI

27 October 2006


"On the Determinants of Costings System Robustness to errors”

Speaker: Eva LABRO
London School of Economics

16 October 2006


"Economics in Management Accounting"

Speaker: Michael BROMWICH
London School of Economics and Political Science

16 May 2006

"Transforming Audit Technologies: Business Risk Audit Methodologies and the Audit Field"

Speaker: Keith ROBSON
Cardiff Business School

7 April 2006

"Expected Earnings Growth and the Cost of Capital: An Analysis of Accounting Regime Change in the European Financial Market"

Speaker: Christina DARGENIDOU
University of Wales, Bangor

17 March 2006

"Firms' pre-reporting and valuation impacts of IFRS transition reconciliations: Finnish evidence"

Speaker: Hannu SCHADEWITZ
Turku School of Economics and Business Administration

24 February 2006

“The Impact of IAS-IFRS Adoption on Information Asymmetry : the Swiss and German Evidence”

Speaker: Pascal Dumontier
Université de Genève

27 January 2006

"Les fondements du contrôle de gestion"

Speaker: Henri BOUQUIN
Université Paris-Dauphine

6 January 2006