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L’Oréal has partnered with HEC since 1993. By creating the Chair of “Entrepreneurship” at HEC Paris, L’Oréal has also become a privileged partner of the Centre of Entrepreneurship, one of the Centers of Expertise created by HEC Paris in 2010.

Today, a quarter of all HEC Paris graduates are entrepreneurs, steadily increasing and sustained over the last 10 years where entrepreneurship used to only concern 10% of students. 

For more than 30 years, HEC Paris has engaged in entrepreneurship, in both training and research. The objectives of HEC Paris are to make the Entrepreneurship center a place representative of their commitment and openness to diversity, to increase the rate of success students have in creating their companies when they leave education, to promote entrepreneurial spirit in all forms – company creation or intrapreneurships – as well as to facilitate the integration of technological resources from the Saclay plateau in student projects.

The development of entrepreneurship is one of the main composites of HEC Paris’ global strategy, becoming a model institution on the subject.

By creating the Entrepreneurial Chair at HEC, L’Oréal reinforces its commitment to  France and feeds its entrepreneurial dynamic by reaching the target of a million new consumers.

Global beauty leader, L’Oréal is present today in 130 countries. On all continents, the group creates and develops cosmetic products adapted to the endless diversity of its consumers. With a unique portfolio worldwide of international brands, L’Oréal strives to offer the best female and male cosmetics in the whole world.

Passion, innovation, open-mindedness, the quest for excellence, responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit are the group’s 6 founding values. They are shown in the daily life of all teams throughout the world.

Synonym of autonomy, of challenge, of adventure, entrepreneurial spirit has always been stimulated and elevated by management style. Today, it is still the driving force of a group that is primarily built on the reliance of the individual and their talents.

As part of the Entrepreneurial Chair at HEC Paris, L’Oréal therefore helps and encourages this creative mindset for companies and society by sponsoring accompanying activities and nurturing companies in their debut, the creation of new formats at the heart of the center of entrepreneurship (training modules co-designed with L’Oréal) or even the development of projects for the entire students of HEC.

HEC Paris and L’Oréal have entrepreneurial spirit in common and the belief that education has a major role to play in that field.  

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