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Emeritus Professor

Tax & Law

François Lenglart holds a Ph.D. in Law. and is graduated from Politics Studies Institute.

After having been, for more than fifteen years, company lawyer of french companies and elected judge at commercial court, François Lenglart came in the Tax and Law department of HEC Paris. Its main research fields are business penal liability and company law. He teaches in various HEC programs and he is scientific director of the " International law and management " Master program. He is visiting professor at the " Ecole Supérieure des Affaires " in Beyrouth and at the ISCAE in Casablanca.

He published " La responsabilité pénale des cadres et des dirigeants dans le monde des affaires " in 1996, " Prévention du risque pénal en entreprise " in 1997, " Droit de l 'entreprise, l'essentiel " in 1997, " Droit de l'entreprise au Liban " in 1998 and « Gestion juridique de l'entreprise » in 2006 and various articles in scientific reviews.

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