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RAPP Lucien

Lucien RAPP

Affiliate Professor

Tax & Law

Professor Rapp is one of the French leading experts on international business law and international regulatory matters, with a focus on ICT (Internet, Communications and Technology including the space industry)

Since 1998, he was being introduced as one of the most significant telecommunications lawyers and is currently ranked among the world leading experts on ICT law (Euromoney, Best of the Best, Chambers, 3000 Counsels).

In its 2014 European issue, Chambers commented his stature as follows: “Lucien Rapp rises to Band 1 this year due to his outstanding stature in the telecoms market. Sources hail him as "one of the very few people in France who is a real specialist in this very narrow domain. He's a fantastic teacher and able to explain complex things in simple language and make them easy for us to grasp."

A current regulatory expert to the International Telecommunications Union, his last report is relating to “Filling the Gap : Legal and Regulatory Challenges of m-Health in Europe ”( ITU, 2013). Professor Rapp is presently heading SIRIUS (Space Institute for Researches on Innovative Usages of Satellites ), an academic chair created by CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales) Airbus Defence & Space and Thalès Alenia Space to conduct researches on commercial applications of space systems.

To date, Professor Rapp authored more than 200 reports, contributions, articles and wrote 10 books. Among his recent papers : “Going Trick or Treating – Lessons from the Alstom Case ” (Toulouse, December 2004), “The New Concession Directive and Space Services ”, (Munich, February 2015), “New Entrants Threatening Existing Firms in Space Industry – Would Satellite Miniaturization Be a Disruptive Innovation ” (co-authored) (Montreal, March 2015)

His last books include an essay on Sovereign Wealth Funds (« Ces Fonds que l’on dit Souverains – Fonds d’Etat et Souverainetés Financières  », Foreword Michel Pébereau Vuibert, 2011) and a note on the MOOCs Revolution (« Les MOOCs, révolution ou désillusion – Le savoir à l’heure du numérique  », Foreword Jean Marc Daniel Les notes de l’Institut, Institut de l’Entreprise, 2014,).

A tenured Professor at the Law School of University Toulouse1-Capitole (where he was educated up to the French selective Concours d’Agrégation), he currently lectures at HEC Paris, as an Affiliate Professor. His lectures at HEC include “Doing Business in the Internet Age – Innovation, Business and Regulation ”, “Free Flows of Capital, Foreign Investments and Financial Globalization – National Sovereignties in the Age of Finance Capitalism ”, “Public Private Partnerships ”.

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