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Jocelyne REITH


Languages and Cultures

Jocelyne Reith studied Spanish at the Sorbonne University in Paris.
Holding a Master's degree on the author Benito Pérez Galdós, she chose to take the entrance exam for C.A.P.E.S and the high-level competitive examination for the recruitment of teachers. After starting her career in secondary education, she was posted to teach preparatory classes at Grande écoles and thus educated students to enter HEC Paris and other business schools. She has published a range of books which are destined for students studying in preparatory classes and at University:
2002  Spanish: Avoid the traps of exams and entrance exams, ed. Studyrama, Paris (3rd edition in 2009)
2004  Succeed at the subject in Spanish, ed. Studyrama, Paris (2nd edition in 2010) Succeed at translation in Spanish, ed. Studyrama, Paris
2007  100 Spanish vocabulary cards to prepare for entrance exams to business schools, ed Studyrama, Paris
2008   Exercises in Spanish for your degree, ed. Studyrama, Paris

She is also a marker and examiner in various business schools and at Polytechnique. She is President of the society "Long live Spanish" which she founded with the objective to broadcast the Hispanic language and culture, and in which she is responsible for various activities.

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