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Nouvelles Frontières in 2000: The Internet Challenge



Nouvelles Frontieres has become, by the year 2000, the largest tour operator in France and the sixth largest in Europe. The case presents the main features of the tour operating industry in Europe and describes how Nouvelles Frontieres was able to grow so rapidly and so extensively in the context of this industry. The main focus of the case is on working out what Nouvelles Frontieres' competitive advantage is based on. In particular, students should assess the vertical integration strategy of the company into airlines, resorts, travel agencies, etc. By the turn of the century, a new challenge has emerged: Internet. Travel related services are the sector most affected by e-commerce. Moreover, Nouvelles Frontieres' main source of competitive advantage is its integrated network of exclusive travel agencies, which is being undermined by the exponential growth of online sales. The last section of the case presents Nouvelles Frontieres' Internet strategy. A video 'A Journey into Nouvelles Frontieres' (301-232-3) is available to accompany the case.

Keywords: Competitive advantage; Vertical integration strategies; Internet distribution; Bargaining power of distributors; Tour operating; Tourism; Air travel; International expansion; Competing internationally

Domino's Pizza International Inc.



The case begins with a short history of Domino's Pizza since it was created in 1960. After a brief description of the pizza industry, it presents in some detail the main aspects of Domino's organization and operations, in particular its franchise systems...
The case then provides information on Domino's international expansion. While the company appears to have been extremely successful in some countries (such as Japan, Mexico, the UK, etc....) it has also failed in others (Germany, Spain, France, the Czech Republic...) and top management don't clearly understand what determines success or failure....

Keywords: International business , Branch Industry , Organization and operations , Franchise systems , Success factors , International expansion.

Domino's Pizza



Domino's Pizza, leader mondial de la livraison de pizzas à domicile, a entrepris depuis quelques années d'internationaliser ses activités. Dans certains pays (Japon, Mexique, Royaume-Uni...), c'est le succès, dans d'autres (France, Espagne, Allemagne...), c'est l'échec. Pourquoi la formule à l'origine de la réussite de l'entreprise aux Etats-Unis marche-t-elle dans certains pays et pas dans d'autres ?

Keywords: Internationalisation , Industries globales , Contexte local , Marques mondiales , Franchise , Stratégie mondiale

Nouvelles Frontières



Since it was established in the late sixties, Nouvelles Frontieres has undergone an extremely rapid expansion and has become France's second largest travel company behind Club Mediterranee. The case discussion should first be focused on understanding what has made Nouvelles Frontieres so successful and why it has outperformed most of its competitors in the French market. In 1990, when the case is set, the company is contemplating a number of diversification moves including backward integration into airlines, hotel and resort operations and entry into business related to air transport and tourism. The second part of the case discussion should be aimed at evaluating these diverse options and formulating a development strategy for Nouvelles Frontieres.

Keywords: Competitive advantage; Industry analysis; Diversification; Verticle integration; Service industry