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African Solar Rise: Electrifying Rural Tanzania



The case is about a German NGO that provides solar energy solutions in Tanzania and faces several challenges in order to scale its organization to generate much-needed revenue.
It examined the NGO, African Solar Rise (ASR), as it worked to improve its supply chain operations and last-mile distribution challenges while raising necessary capital to put it on more solid footing

Keywords: Accounting/Finance; Base of the Pyramid; Economics; Emerging and Developing Economies; Emerging Markets; Entrepreneurship & Innovation; Frontier Markets; International Business; Marketing/Sales; Operations Management/Supply Chain; Social Enterprise (Social Entrepreneurship); Social Impact; Strategy & Management; Sustainability

Going Green: The Pfizer Freiburg Energy Initiative (A)

S. AFLAKI, P. Kleindorfer


This case describes the successful implementation of sustainable operations at Pfizer's Freiburg production facility in Germany. It charts the planning and execution of an ambitious portfolio of projects directed toward energy efficiency, with significant financial, social and environmental impacts. The case illustrates the necessary ingredients of a successful energy conservation programme as well as the financial implications when both carbon and energy are priced. The teaching objectives are to: (1) illustrate the evaluation of energy conservation projects in a manufacturing environment; (2) indicate the relationship between sustainable operations and a company's carbon objective / obligations; (3) highlight the importance of sustainable operations and engineering practices to identify energy and carbon strategies; and (4) illustrate interdependencies in the execution of sustainable practices

Keywords: Energy conservation; Environmental operations; Carbon accounting; ESCO (Energy Services Company); Sustainability; Renewable energy; Kyoto