Research Seminars

Control and satisfaction : do people prefer choosing at the cost of subsequent well-being ?

Speaker: BOTTI Simona
University of Chicago

19 November 2003

The double-sided consumer : Ambivalence, duality and their link to behavior

Speaker: CERVELLON Marie-Cécile
McGill University Canada

19 November 2003

Modeling unobserved consideration sets for household Panel Data

Speaker: VAN NIEROP Erjen
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh USA

13 November 2003

Harnessing the Power of Viral Marketing

Speaker: DE BRUYN Arnaud
The pennsylvania State University USA

23 October 2003

Repurchase Behavior of Satisfied Customers : They talk the talk but do they walk the walk ?

Speaker: VOSS Glenn
North Carolina State Université USA

22 October 2003