Managing Transition in an Artistic Company With Entrepreneurial Management: A Case Study of Groupe Bernard Loiseau


International Journal of Arts Management

Winter 2014, vol. 16, n°2, pp.42-54

Departments: GREGHEC (CNRS), Strategy & Business Policy

Keywords: Succession, Culinary art, Entrepreneurial management, Creative industries

The important role of entrepreneurship in the dynamics of the arts sector and the influence of the leader’s personality make succession a key issue in creative industries. What happens to an artistic organization when its founder leaves? How does it evolve? Can it adopt a style of management that is compatible with the founder’s absence? This article focuses on the case of Groupe Bernard Loiseau, an iconic French company in the culinary arts whose owner and chef died suddenly. It sheds light on how the question of succession and that of style were addressed in this organization and how they are addressed in artistic organizations in general