L’analyse comportementale du droit


Revue Internationale de Droit Economique (RIDE)

2016, vol. 3, n°XXX, pp.315-338

Departments: Tax & Law, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Keywords: Analyse comportementale du droit, approche empirique, droit et psychologie, théorie du droit, nudge

To be effective, legal rules need to incorporate a representation of human behaviour that is as accurate as possible. In this regard, Behavioural Sciences offer usefulinsights, which law can helpfully draw on. In this article, we present a scholarly movement which has developed over the past twenty years and provides ways to integrate behavioural insights in legal analysis and policy-making. We first make explicit the premises of behavioural legal analysis. We then discuss how the integrated study of law and behavioural sciences should be named (in French). Next, we define the scope of this interdisciplinary field of study by describing its objects and characteristic research questions. Finally, we give a brief overview of methodological issues. With this introduction to behavioural analysis of law, we hope to draw more European legal researchers into the field