Teaming up with Robots: An IMOI (Inputs-Mediators-OutputsInputs) Framework of Human-Robot Teamwork


International Journal of Robotic Engineering

2017, vol. 2, n°1

Departments: Information Systems and Operations Management

Keywords: Framework, Human-robot teamwork, Robots in groups, Teams working with robots, Collaboration, Teams

Despite the established volume of literature on human-robot interaction, the ways in which humans and robots work together as a team have been relatively understudied. Current approaches to human-robot teamwork do not fully address issues associated with team phenomena that involve multiple humans and robots in the team. In this paper, we propose a framework for human-robot teams, based on the IMOI (Inputs-Mediators-Outputs-Inputs) framework for teamwork in human teams. The proposed framework describes the developmental process of human-robot teams in which different characteristics of humans and robots produce team outcomes through various mediators within organizational contexts. The framework provides a theoretical guide to better understand how teams working with robots operate and how to improve various team outcomes