Applying a Transformative Consumer Research Lens to Understanding and Alleviating Poverty

C.P. Blocker, J. Ruth, S. Sridharan, C. Beckwith, A. Ekici, M. Goudie-Hutton, J. Antonio Rosa, B. SAATCIOGLU, D. Talukdar, C. Trujillo, R. Varman

Journal of Research for Consumers

2011, n°19, pp.1-9

Departments: Marketing

Increasing attention to global poverty and the development of market-based solutions forpoverty alleviation continues to motivate a broad array of academicians and practitioners tobetter understand the lives of the poor. Yet, the robust perspectives residing within consumerresearch remain to a large degree under-utilized in these pursuits. This paper articulates howapplying a transformative consumer research (TCR) lens to poverty and its alleviation cangenerate productive insights with potential to positively transform the well-being of poorconsumers.