On Intersecting Ground: the Changing Structure of U.S. Corporate Networks

D. Knoke, D. MANI

Social Network Analysis and Mining

2011, vol. 1, n°1, pp.43-58

Departments: Strategy & Business Policy

Keywords: R&D, Research joint venture, Social rate of return welfare analysis, Innovation, Game theory

Water demand for different applications is increasing year by year, while on the contrary, its availability, due to various reasons, tends to decrease. Also, districts that are historically rich in such resource have to deal with this new situation and give great attention and care to water management. Good examples of an integrated approach to water management in the Veneto Region are the 'Modello strutturale degli Acquedotti del Veneto' and the 'Progetto integrato Fusina'. The first project aims at managing water resources of a district with 4,500,000 inhabitants for the next 30 years, while the second one intends to realise an integrated plant capable of purifying wastewaters produced by a great industrial and urban area of 600,000 inhabitants and to supply purified waters instead of clean fresh water for industrial needs