Des industries culturelles aux industries créatives : un changement de paradigme salutaire ?



2010, vol. 4, n°2, pp.6-28

Departments: GREGHEC (CNRS)

AbstractPublic support towards cultural industries (movie, music, publishing) raisesrenewed issues. It is due on the one hand to a new context, defined byglobalization, digitalization and ICT and liberalization. On the other hand,whereas public support is an accepted idea in these industries, thepernicious effects it involves makes it harder to legitimate. The paper focuseson the case of the French movie industry. It shows that public policies in thisindustry are carried into an inflationist spiral, and that their results can'tlegitimate ex post. To cope with this aporia of public policies in culturalindustries, the paper proposes to back it up on a renewed theoretical corpus,which includes the concepts of creative industry and information economy.Keywords: creative industries - cultural diversity - movie industry - publicpolicies - paradigm