Hard-won and easily lost: The fragile status of leaders in gender-stereotype-incongruent occupations

E. L. UHLMANN, V. Brescoll, E. Dawson

Psychological Science

November 2010, vol. 21, n°11, pp.1640-1642

Departments: Management & Human Resources

The article presents a study that examines how a mistake could affect the career of an individual who achieved a high-status position in a gender-incongruent occupations. The researchers contend that stereotypes affect judgment when the qualifications of the minorities and women are ambiguous. The occupations considered for the study are women's college president and police chief. The study demonstrates that women sucessful in male domains are considered less competent. *DISCRIMINATION in employment *HUMAN error *CAREER development *JOB performance *WOMEN -- Employment *MEN -- Employment COLLEGE presidents POLICE chiefs