Les responsables développement durable des grandes entreprises. Parcours, engagement er représentations

F. Gitiaux, E. CHIAPELLO

ROR - Revue de l'Organisation Responsable - Responsible Organization Review

May 2009, n°1, pp.43-53

Departments: Accounting & Management Control

Corporate Social Responsibility managers have a paaradoxical function in companies. They earn a living by showing the firm its negative social and environmental impacts, even when it seems difficult to address seriously the question without endangering the economic equilibrium. This article presents the results of a study which has aimed at knowing better who these people are, what kind of backgroudn they have, what have been their professional trajectory, how they consider their job, a.s.o. 11 interviews have been held followed by an on-line survey (34 answers).Keywords: managers, executives, sustainable development