The Importance of a General Measure of Brand Engagement on Market Behavior: Development and Validation of a Scale

S. CZELLAR, E. Spangenberg, D. Sprott

Journal of Marketing Research

February 2009, vol. 46, n°1, pp.92-104

Departments: Marketing

Keywords: Self-concept, Self–brand connection, Brand attitudes, Brand preferences, Brand equity

Brand engagement in self-concept (BESC) is a generalized view of brands in relation to the self, with consumers varying regarding their tendency to include important brands as part of their self-concepts. An eight-item scale to measure BESC is developed and demonstrated to capture a consumer's general engagement with brands. This scale successfully predicts differential attention to, memory of, and preference for consumers' favorite brands. BESC is also related to differential brand loyalty, with high BESC consumers being less price and time sensitive regarding their favorite brands than low BESC consumers. The usefulness of this construct for marketing research is discussed.brand attitudesbrand equitybrand preferencesself'brand connectionself-concept