The Philosophy and Methods of Deliberative Democracy: Implications for Public Policy and Marketing

J. Ozanne, C. Corus, B. SAATCIOGLU

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing

Spring 2009, vol. 28, n°1, pp.29-40

Departments: Marketing

Urgent social problems increasingly arise at the intersection of the interests of business leaders, policy makers, and consumers. The authors argue that deliberative democracy offers a fruitful approach for understanding marketing's impact on society by revealing the complex and often conflicting network of interests among stakeholders. Deliberative methods hold promise for easing constraints on civic engagement and increasing consumer empowerment. The authors explore the historical and philosophical underpinnings of deliberative democracy. Specifically, they evaluate popular methods and applications of deliberative democracy and examine the implications for public policy and marketing.Keywords: deliberative democracy, consumer welfare, civic engagement, consumer empowerment, stakeholder perspective