Patrick Declerck: De l'hystérie charitable à la reconnaissance de l'autre


Nouvelle Revue de Psychosociologie

2008, n°6, pp.69-83

Departments: Management & Human Resources

This interview aims at exploring the nature of the ambiguities of the helping relationship for the individuals, with a specific attention to the tramps of the Paris area. The interviewee, who is both a anthropologist and a psychoanalyst, has taken care of such a population during more than fifteen years and therefore has deepened a clinical approach to 'the extreme' (extreme situations and pathologies). In a first moment, he discusses the psychopathology and the 'desocialisation' syndrome, then the social role and function they play and fill. Then he stigmatizes the caring approaches inspired by an apparent humanism which, he explains, in fact covers the fear of the other and of his/her irreducible difference. Such superficial humanistic values and attitudes lead to the failure and dangers of the institutional help systems implemented and the pitfalls in which the healthcare population can fall when they are insufficiently clinically trained. Through his own posture that he describes as an 'entomological aesthetism', Patrick Declerck wishes to restore the deepest human value of the benevolent neutrality. Key words: tramps, desocialisation, hysteria, sadism, entomology, healthcare.