Sur le revenu de solidarité active


Revue d'Economie Politique

September-October 2008, vol. 118, n°4

Departments: Economics & Decision Sciences, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Abstract. In 2009, France is expected to create a new minimum income guarantee called"revenu de solidarité active" (RSA) in order to replace several existing programmes. It shouldbenefit those in work according to a degressive schedule that reminds one of the negativeincome tax or universal basic income projects. The paper attempts to offer a compact answerto the many questions raised by this major change in the national welfare system. Aftersumming up the theoretical and historical context, it elaborates on the three arguments forRSA ' rationalization, incentives, and redistribution ' and finally concludes by makingconcrete proposals on how to implement it.Keywords: revenu de solidarité active (RSA), negative income taxation, universal basicgrant, welfare system, guaranteed income, incentives, redistribution