The Competitive Dynamics of Geographic Deregulation in Banking: Implications for Productive Efficiency

D. Evanoff, E. ÖRS

Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking

August 2008, vol. 40, n°5, pp.897-928

Departments: Finance, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Deregulation of geographic restrictions in banking over the past 20 years has intensified both potential and actual competition in the industry. The accumulating empirical evidence suggests that potential efficiency gains associated with consolidating banks are often not realized. We evaluate the impact of this increased competition on the productive efficiency of non-merging banks confronted with new entry in their local markets and find that the incumbent banks respond by improving cost efficiency. Thus, studies evaluating the impact of bank mergers on the efficiency of the combining parties alone may be overlooking the most significant welfare-enhancing aspect of merger activityAuthor Keywords: market entry; bank mergers; banking deregulation; cost X-efficiency KeyWords Plus: FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS; COMMERCIAL-BANKS; INDUSTRY EVOLUTION; SCALE EFFICIENCY; MARKET-STRUCTURE; INTEREST-RATES; US BANKS; MERGERS; PERFORMANCE; CONSOLIDATION