The Missing Lens in Family Firm Governance Theory: A Self-Other Typology of Parental Altruism

M. Lubatkin, R. DURAND, Y. Ling

Journal of Business Research

October 2007, vol. 60, n°10, pp.1022-1029

Departments: Strategy & Business Policy, GREGHEC (CNRS)

Keywords: Family firms, Parental altruism, Governance

Drawing on three prominent views about the "self' and the self's relationship with "others", we derive a typology of five parental altruistic archetypes that exhausts the possible altruistic influences on the governance at family firms. We argue that when taken in concert, these five types comprise a more balanced explanation of the cross-sectional variance in the governance efficiency of these firms than do the explanations from agency theory and more recently, by Schulze and colleagues, and therefore can better explain why some family firms are more able than others to capitalize on the family governance's positive attributes