E-zines silence the brand detractors

S. DeWitte, J. van den Bergh, B. BRIERS

Journal of Advertising Research

June 2006, vol. 46, n°2, pp.199-208

Departments: Marketing

In this article we investigated whether a company's recommendation factor can be increased by opt-in e-zines. A sample of 817 railway travelers was interviewed on the train. Using Reichheld's (2001) recommendation index, respondents were categorized as brand detractors, passively satisfied customers, or brand promoters. Respondents giving permission (n = 555) received either none or three e-zines in a period of six weeks. Post-measurement results (n = 221) showed that the proportion of detractors was significantly lower among respondents who received the newsletters compared to those who received no e-zines. Personalization to the receivers' lifestyle, however, had a negative effect on recommendation. We conclude with managerial implications and suggestions for future researchKeyWords Plus: WORD-OF-MOUTH; UNOBSERVABLE PRODUCT QUALITY; PERSPECTIVE; INFORMATION; PERSUASION; CONSUMERS; EQUITY