The drivers of e-tailers' price levels

F. Ancarani, F. SOTGIU

International Review of Retail, Distribution & Consumer Research

2005, vol. 15, n°1, pp.75-89

Departments: Marketing

One of the most important topics in online pricing is understanding the drivers of online price levels for different types of retailers, in order to better understand competition across retail channels. We developed a conceptual framework and conducted an empirical analysis on price levels in the books category among different e-tailers (pure play and multichannel) in Italy and obtained a dataset comprising 5,400 price quotes during 2002. We ran a correlation analysis that showed that e-tailer graphics, branding and trust, and shipping services are highly correlated to price levels. Moreover, we developed a regression analysis that showed that first impact attributes like graphics and navigability are the most important drivers of online price levels. We identify some areas of future research and offer some managerial insightse-commerceinternet pricingprice levelsPricingretailing