Better late than never: A study of late entrants in household electrical equipment

J. Shamsie, C. C. PHELPS, J. Kuperman

Strategic Management Journal

January 2004, vol. 25, n°1, pp.69-84

Departments: Strategy & Business Policy

Abstract: Studies on entry timing have largely attempted to determine the benefits that early entrants can obtain over subsequent entrants. Given that a large number of firms enter late in the development of markets, it is surprising that little research has examined the performance differences among late entrants. In this paper, we focus exclusively on late movers and examine the extent to which their post-entry performance is related to their resources, strategic positioning and market conditions around the time of entry. We analyze 165 late entrants in household electrical equipment markets and find that while market entry conditions don't significantly impact late movers' performance, their resources and strategic positioning at the time of entry do effect their subsequent performance. Keywords: Entry timing, late movers, resource based view, strategic positioning