Comprendre et mesurer la valeur du point de vue du consommateur

Y. EVRARD, P. Aurier, G. N'Goala

Recherche et Applications en Marketing

2004, vol. 19, n°3, pp.1-20

Departments: Marketing

This article aims to integrate research on consumption value. A conceptual framework, grounded in the functional theory of attitudes, leads to the identification of six components of consumption value (utilitarian, cognitive, experiential stimulation, social link, self-expression and spirituality). A model explaining global value (defined as the ratio between benefits and sacrifices) by the components of consumption value is then proposed. In a survey on movie consumption in theatres we empirically establish the measurement properties of these components. Three components appear to play a major role in explaining global value: utilitarian (sound and image quality), experiential stimulation and social link. These components explain 32% of the variance of global value. Moreover, we demonstrate the discriminal validity of cumulative satisfaction and global value, the content of the former being more affective