La integración de los equipos de dirección durante una fusión a través de la cartografía de responsabilidades


Administracion y Organizaciones

December 2004, vol. 13, n°7, pp.91-99

Departments: Management & Human Resources

The Technique called “responsability charting”, developed in the US by Thomas Gilmore and Joseph Mc.Cann (cf. Sloan Management Review, Vol. 24,2 winter 1983), has until now been used both to clarify the decision-making process of a company, and to redefine it.However, we have recently used the same technique for negotiations in the context of the merger between two departments of a big French industrial group. The two teams, until then competitors, have thus been enabled to collaborate.The object of the following presentation is to analyze how the technique of responsibility charting has helped the 40 regional managers and managers from headquarters of the company to:- reframe the problems related to the merger as they had posed them;- understand the implications for the business of managerial problems; and- negotiate a durable “modus operandi” permitting the mobilization of their collaborators around the projects of the company.