Développement et mise en oeuvre d'un système d'information hospitalier au sein du service d'oncologie médicale, Centre Pierre et Marie Curie d'Alger

Y. Kerboua Ziari, L. KERBACHE

Santé et systémique

2003, vol. 7, n°1-2, pp.277-285

Departments: Information Systems and Operations Management, GREGHEC (CNRS)

The main objective of this research is the design and implementation of a hospital information system for the Service of Oncologie Médicale (S.O.M1) of the Pierre Center and Marie Curie in Algiers. The implementation of a SIH, will allow a better organization and an automation of the flow of information and it will result in: ' Optimized management of the medical files, ' Promotion of epidemiologic research in cancerology, ' Evaluation of the quality of the medical activity, ' Reduction in the quality of the cost of the treatment.