Les facteurs déterminants de la stratégie des groupes français en matière de communication sur les activités de R&D


Finance Contrôle Stratégie

March 2003, vol. 6, n°1, pp.39-62

Departments: Accounting & Management Control, GREGHEC (CNRS)

This study is interested in the relationship between firm's characteristics (R&D intensity, industry, American or British stock market listing, R&D ac- counting method used, and size) and its strategy of communication on its R&D activities. We have analyzed annual reports of firms belonging to the SBF 250 index in order to determine the disclosure level of each company on R&D. The study confirmed the impact of Anglo- Saxon market listing (or of the size of the firm) and of the belonging to certain high-tech sectors on the communication related to the R&D. It also showed the lack of linkage between this communication and the R&D intensity, which is explained by the primacy of the preservation of industrial secrets on a full disclosure policy.