Evaluation d'une politique éducative: la montée de la scolarisation en France 1982-1993

D. THESMAR, T. Magnac

Annales d'Economie et de Statistique

March 2002, n°65, pp.1-33

Departments: Finance

In this paper, we analyze the increase in education levels of young generations in France between 1980 and 1993. We insist on three factors that could have explained this increase: i) increasing returns to education in the labour market including its protective role against unemployment; ii) decreasing costs, either objective or subjective, of education that families or students have to pay; iii) decreasing 'selectivity' of the education authorities. Using data from a survey on educational histories and on employment and by estimating a structural model of educational choices, we show that the third factor bears the principal burden of the increase in the education level. We however cannot distinguish in the influence of this factor what are the respective roles of opening new educational tracks, such as vocational tracks and, of rendering selection less severe by making repetitions less frequent