Indicateur de valeur de marque et variables d'offre, analyse empirique sur données de panel de magasins / Brand value indicator and marketing mix variables - Empirical analysis on store-level scanner data


Recherche et Applications en Marketing

2002, vol. 17, n°3, pp.7-20

Departments: Marketing

Keywords: Valeur de marque, Linéaire, Prix, Promotion, Concurrence, Modèles de part de marché, Analyse transversale.

Using weekly scanner data and market share models, the authors estimated chain level indicators of brand value for brands belonging to 29 product categories. They related these indicators to the main in-store marketing mix variables of the brands. Their results indicate that shelf space and numbers of in-store competitors are significatively related to brand value (positively for the former and negatively for the latter). However, price and promotional activities are not linked to brand value. Key words: Brand value, shelf space, price, promotion, competition, market share models, cross-category analysis.