Creating New Resources Through European R&D Partnerships

C. Mothe, B. QUÉLIN

Technology Analysis and Strategic Management

1999, vol. 11, n°1, pp.31-43

Departments: Strategy & Business Policy, GREGHEC (CNRS)

This paper describes the way firms participating in R&D consortia can benefit from the outcome of common R&D. More specificially, it is suggested that R&D consortia, which are part of the European EUREKA initiative, provide appropriate organizational structures for the creation of new knowledge and competencies. This qualitative research shows that both the function provided to the consortium and in-house capabilities help partners to create resources thanks to co-operative R&D. The links between R&D co-operative outcomes and both the organizational design of the consortium and the internal capabilities of member firms are of general interest for all companies involved in comparable types of consortia and, more generally, in technological partnerships.