This laboratory established in 2004 aims to answer various calls for research proposals issued by the European Commission, the National Agency for Research or other outsourcers. 
Two affiliate professors have initiated the creation of this entity: Alain KERAVEL and Alain BUSSON. According to research contracts, Ph.D students or HEC professors are either shareholders or directors of research projects.


The laboratory develops skills in two complementary areas :
- Management of new technologies 
- Management of Innovation

In general, the laboratory EOLE can provide the following services: 
1) Development of an experimental plan for testing a new service or a new application 
2) Socio-economic assessment of a new service or a new application: evaluation of use and market potential, cost-benefit assessment, economic assessment and calculation of overall return on investment 
3) Use of diagnostic tools to evaluate ex ante the risks (and the chances of success) for a project 
4) Program of Action Research to diagnose with stakeholders organizational issues raised by the setting up of an innovation, and to solve them
5) Project Assistance 
6) Organization of Scientific Symposium

These skills were further developed, particularly in two directions 
- Public organizations and the development of e-government network 
- Management of the creative industries (cultural industries, media, etc..)

These fields of expertise are not limiting and this laboratory may involve experts from HEC working in other areas.


By research area
New practices in public organizations

• E-government network (e-interopérabilité): TERREGOV project
• Evaluation of Public Policies (e-participation): QUALEG project
• The evaluation of teaching practices related to the use of the iPod by school (e-learning) PDY project (Portable Digital Yvelines). 
• Transfer of innovative projects within regions or between them: Project IRIS EUROPE (INTERREG project)

The management of creative industries

• New forms of audiovisual productions using contributions from users: EULALIE 1 project
• The usages and business models of cross-media productions: EULALIE 2 project
• Prospective Studies on Audiovisual U.S. by 2015 (on behalf of Orange) and the French media in 2020 (on behalf of UDECAM)

Management of innovation and ICT

• The M2M market and the problems involved in the regulation of emerging markets: product design project 
• The strategic positioning of an ERP 2.0: SYGEO Project
• New Business Models Project "Co-creating value and Information System"

By sources of funding
Projects funded by the European Commission

• 2003-2008, TERREGOV, Integrated Project IST 
• 2003 -2006, QUALEG, STREP Project IST 

Project funded by the ANR

• 2006 - 2011, EULALIE 1 and 2

Projects funded by other sources

• 2008 -2009, PDY, Conseil Général 78 
• 2009 - MooB, France Telecom Research & Development 
• 2010, USA Broadcasting, France Telecom Research & Development 
• 2010-2011, SYGEO Branch Competitiveness, Industry and Services 
• 2011-2012, CIGREF Foundation 
• 2010, UDECAM (Union of Local Council Media and Purchasing)