HEC Paris Center for Geopolitics

A center focused on international dynamics

The emergence of increasingly complex geopolitical trends and evolving strategic dynamics led HEC Paris to create, in 2013, the HEC Center for Geopolitics.  Its main objective is raise private and public sector awareness of new global challenges.

This Center will be dedicated to training, to idea sharing and to strategic thinking.  It will be a forum opened to business and political leaders as well as to international experts.  It focuses on the geostrategic stakes that shape the ever-shifting international environment.  It seeks to make geopolitics and international affairs more operational fields of research by building bridges between the private sector, the public sector and academia, and by facilitating a multidisciplinary dialogue and favoring the emergence of new methodologies.

Our mission

Thanks to the relationship and the network it maintains internationally, the Center seeks to accomplish three objectives:

  • Putting together innovative training programs specifically developed for today and tomorrow’s business leaders;
  • Assisting businesses in their long-term strategic development;
  • Identifying and exploring innovative research themes.


The Center offers businesses with tailored solutions to train their current and future leaders.  The main objective of these training programs is to allow these executives to renew their competencies and to acquire additional skills in the fields of strategy, geopolitics and economics.  These programs invite participants to think about long run trends and to explore new horizons.

Program length and content can vary according to the participants’ needs and the constraints.  In direct collaboration with the business, the Center can develop stand-alone and tailored seminars, in particular related to topics such as:

  • Geopolitics, geo-strategy and geo-economics;
  • Macroeconomic analysis;
  • Managerial economics;
  • Futures and scenario analysis;
  • Legal issues, regional and international regulations;
  • Natural resources and raw materials.

Research and consulting

The center also offers its expertise to companies wishing to explore long term and innovative ideas in the framework of research and consulting programs and contracts.  Depending on the specific needs of its partners, the Center can translate in practical terms the findings of academic research in the fields of international affairs and economics, relying on multidisciplinary approaches.

It also monitors for its partners significant international trends that could influence the global strategic landscape in the medium and in the long run.  The Center can thus help its partners anticipate these trends and adapt to the coming strategic landscape.  Its currents partners: OCP, Madagascar, the French Joint Chiefs of Staff and several big banks.


President of the Scientific Council: His Excellency Boutros Boutros Ghali, former Secretary General of the United Nations

Director: Pascal Chaigneau, Political Science University Professor and Affiliate Professor at HEC Paris

Academic Director: Jeremy Ghez, Affiliate Professor of Economics and International Affairs at HEC Paris