INNO (Innovation)

The purpose of the Innovation management research group at HEC is to facilitate exchange among people who all focus on innovation, but who come from different backgrounds and have approached the subject from a variety of angles.

The group is pursuing two specific goals. First, to facilitate interdisciplinary exchange that will enhance people's individual research projects, provide stimulation, and enrich HEC's collective research initiatives.
Second, to make HEC's focus on innovation known to companies in the Foundation as well as to national and international learning and research institutions such as other members of ParisTech and the Plateau de Saclay Campus.

The group is likely to direct its multidisciplinary approach toward the following research topics: generating ideas and stimulating innovation capacity in today's firms; developing critical knowledge; organizational schemes for the sustainable development of innovation; multi-partner cooperation; boosting motivation and fostering risk-taking; and moving forward without sacrificing existing business activity.

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There are currently fifteen people in this group. Human resources experts study creativity, idea generation, knowledge management, and leadership; marketing specialists focus on inter-company relations and user response to new products; project management researchers concentrate on risk management in situations of high uncertainty, management of pre-development project investigation, development procès management, and the role of project design; and strategists examine how innovative entrepreneur learn, corporate venturing, technology and standards management, open innovation, and relationships between businesses and universities.

The extensive list of group members' research interests testifies to the potential synergies to be found within a group of people who are tackling innovation as a multi-dimensional whole. By definition, the size of the research team will vary over time.
It remains open to any researcher or doctoral student whose work leads him or her to take a particular interest in innovation.

A. Masini

T. Astebro

K. Dahlin

F. Dalsace

S. Jouini

C. De Valck

S. Kudaravalli

A. Michaut

D. Mindruta

T. Paris

V. Peltokorpi

C. Phelps

S. Srivastava

S. Sommer

K. Yong

Seminars and Events

Internal seminars organized by the departments and focusing on innovation 

7 September 2010, Marketing Department, Valentyna Melynk (University of Waikato - New Zealand), The double-edged sword of launching products from emerging countries using foreign brand names

2 December 2010, Strategy Department, Andrea M. Prado (Stern School of Business), Process Innovation, Transaction Costs and Make or Buy Decisions

14 December 2010, Strategy Department, Corey Phelps (HEC), Take a Chance on Me: An Examination of the Interdependence of Start-up Tie Formation Across Venture Capital and Alliance Networks

13 January 2011, Département SPE, Venkat Kuppuswamy (Harvard Business School), Risky Business: Uncertain Access to Specialized Complementary Assets, Vertical Integration, and the Commercial Performance of New Products

2 February 2011, Strategy Department, Bo Kyung KIM (Stephen M. Ross School of Business), "When and How Middle-Status Organizations Innovate: The Role of Status in Newspapers' Adoption of Digital Media "

10 March 2011, Strategy Department, Ashish Arora (Duke), The Organization of R&D within Firms: Measures, Characteristics and Consequences

18 March 2011, OMIT Department, Stylianos Kavadias (Georgia Institute of Technology), Designing Experiential Services: The Customer Journey Perspective

24 March 2011, Marketing Department, Caroline Wietz (CASS Business School), Does the "Twitter Effect" Impact Consumers' Adoption of New Products? Evidence from the Movie Industry

31 March 2011, Human Resource Management Department, Bert Spector (North Western University), The People Dimension of Business Model Innovation

7 April 2011, Strategy Department, Bruno Cassiman (IESE)

29 April 2011, Steve Onesun (University College London), The Optimal Time-Money Tradeo in Growth-Oriented Entrepreneurial Firms

5 May 2011, Strategy Department, Melissa Schilling (Stern School of Business), When Hubs Forget, Lie, and Play Favorites: Interpersonal Network Structure, Information Distortion, and Organizational Learning

9 June 2011, Strategy Department, Gautam Ahuja (University of Michigan)

Seminar on Innovation Management : Theory & Practice (organized in collaboration with Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole des MinesParisTech, Sciences Po Grenoble and le CNAM)

22 September 2010, Steve. Eppinger (MIT), Design & Environment

2 December 2010, Thomas Paris (GREGHEC), Spécificités et enseignements des industries de la création pour le management de l'innovation

10 February 2011, Isaac Getz (ECSP Europe), Quel environnement managérial pour favoriser innovation et créativité permanentes ? L'importance de la responsabilité et de la liberté individuel

10 March 2011, Annabelle Gawer (Imperial College), Processus d'émergence de plateformes technologiques : quelles logiques ?

7 April, Kevyn Yong (HEC), The creative advantage of same-discipline network ties

26 May, Philippe Lefebvre (Ecole des MinesParisTech)

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (CEI)

Some of the researchers of the group are involved in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center of HEC (web site under development). Open to the other schools of ParisTech located on the Saclay Area, this center mutualizes all the resources on innovation and entrepreneuship of HEC, such as researchers, professors and coaches of innovative ventures.