Research Seminars

« Uncertainty, commercial maturity, and the value relevance of R&D expenditures in biotech firms”

Speaker: Paul André
University of Edinburgh

10 December 2004 - From 14h00 to 16h00

International Asset Allocation under Regime Switching, Skew and Kurtosis Preferences

Speaker: Allan TIMMERMANN

9 December 2004 - From 14H30 to 16H00


« Paradoxes et contradictions en gestion des ressources humaines »

Speaker: Pierre LOUART
Directeur de l'IAE de Lille, Président de l'AGRH

3 December 2004 - From 09h00 to 13h00

Financial Market Development and the Rise in Firm level Uncertainty

Speaker: David THESMAR

30 November 2004 - From 14h00 to 16h00


"The Introduction of Pioneering Products : Effects of Issue Interpretation and Strategy"

Speaker: Nils Plambeck

24 November 2004 - From 16H00 to 17H30


"This study examines the factors that encourage firms to introduce products with different levels of

innovativeness to the market and therefore accept different levels of risk. I investigate the influence of the cognitive

process of interpretation and of a firm's strategy on product interpretation. Drawing from data supplied by 102 firms in the

German automobile supplier industry I analyse the perception of situations triggering product innovations and the way in

which the outcomes of this cognitive process affect the new product's degree of innovativeness. Consistent with the

threat-rigidity hypothesis, the results suggest that a more negative interpretation of the trigger leads to a more

incremental product innovation. Moreover, I have found that both, the strategy and the size of an organization influenced the

cognitive process of interpretation as well as the product's degree of innovativeness. Thus, strategy and firm size both

affect innovation directly and indirectly."

Conflicts of interest in sell-side research and the moderating role of institutional investors

Speaker: Alexander LJUNGQVIST
New York University

23 November 2004 - From 14H30 to 16H00


Marketing And/In/Through/With/By Entertainment : How do Consumers Respond ?

Speaker: Cristel Russel
San Diégo University

22 November 2004

Convertible Bond Pricing: Renegotiable Covenants, Seasoning and Convergence

Speaker: Nai-Fu CHEN

18 November 2004 - From 14h30 to 16h00


Interactional Dynamics of extreme service encounters

Speaker: Gulnur Tumbat

18 November 2004

“Rewards and Firm Performance - A look into the Motivation Black-Box“

Speaker: Oliver Gottschalg

18 November 2004 - From 14H00 to 16H00