Research Seminars

Décision individuelle d'échange au sein des réseaux informels : entreprise, chercheurs et communauté technologique

Speaker: Isabelle BOUTY
Université Paris X Nanterre

1 October 1999

Hybrid Identity Organizations: Towards A Conceptual Framework

Speaker: David A. Whetten
Brigham Young University & President-elect, Academy of Management

1 June 1999

Technology Flows Across Firms And Nations : The International Organization Of The Biotechnology Industry

Speaker: Anoop Madhok David Eccles
School of Business University of Utah, Salt Lake City

1 June 1999

Competitiveness Of Selected Hungarian Industries

Speaker: Erzsebet Czakö
Budapest University of Economis Sciences

1 May 1999

Knowlegedge Conversion And Strategic Process : An Implementation Organization Of The Biotechnology Industry

Speaker: Mark Krieger
Norwegian School of Management

1 May 1999

Théorie des coûts de transaction et théorie des contats incomplets : où en sommes-nous ?

Speaker: M'hand Fares et Stéphane Saussier
ATOM Paris I

1 April 1999

When International Research And Development Increases Patent Output: An Analysis Of Japanese Pharmaceutical Firms

Speaker: Joan Penner-Hahn
University of Michigan

1 April 1999

The Rise And Fall Of Dominant Designs At The Producer-Consumer Interface

Speaker: Hann Kim
The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania

1 March 1999

To Formalize Or Not? - Toward An Understanding Of Enabling And Coercive Task Codification

Speaker: Ofer Meilich
Washington University in St Louis

1 March 1999

Understanding Leadership: A Coordination Theory

Speaker: Nicolaï Foss
Copenhagen Business School

1 March 1999