Research Seminars

The Relative Contributions Of Inimitable, Non Transferable And Non Substitutable Resources To Profitability And Market Performance

Speaker: Rodolphe Durand
Goizueta Business School Emory University

1 January 1999

La construction sociale du risque majeur : A propos de la coordination des actions sociales

Speaker: Romain Laufer
Groupe HEC

1 December 1998

Institutional Change, Strategic Assets And Firm Performance: A Neo-Insitutional And Resource-Based Study Of Renewable Competitive Advantage In The American And French Film Industry (1985-1998)

Speaker: Allège Hadida
Groupe HEC

1 November 1998

Adaptive Capacity And Innovation Performance

Speaker: Stephen White
Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology

1 October 1998

Value Co-Production: Intellectual Origins And Implications For Practice And Research

Speaker: Rafael Ramirez
Groupe HEC

30 September 1998

The Effect of Firms’ Communication Complexity on Analyst Following and the Properties of Their Earnings Forecasts

Speaker: Reuven Lehavy
University of Michigan

1 January 1970