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Contemporary Perspectives in Corporate Social Performance and Policy

Contemporary Perspectives in Corporate Social Performance and Policy


Information Age Publishing


The book Contemporary Perspectives in Corporate Social Performance and Policy - The Middle Eastern Perspective is our endeavor to deepen the current discussion about business and institutional activity in Middle Eastern countries and disseminate the new perspective of the scientific inquiry in the responsibility of various organization operating in this part of the world.The book is divided into four parts: “Introduction”, “Reality and Challenges of Corporate Social Performance - The Middle Eastern Perspective”, “Corporate Social Responsibility in Middle Eastern countries”, “Corporate Social Performance –specific problems”. There were included some theoretical and practical contributions into the topic of corporate social responsibility and corporate social performance based on experiences from different countries (such as Israel, Turkey, United Arab Emirates). We hope that this volume will help to understand better this specific region and its business activities

Cracked it ! How to solve big problems and sell solutions like top strategy consultants


Palgrave Macmillan


Solving complex problems and selling their solutions is critical for personal and organizational success. However, it doesn’t come naturally and most of us haven’t been taught how to do it well. Research shows a host of pitfalls trips us up when we try: We’re quick to believe we understand a situation and jump to a flawed solution. We seek to confirm our hypotheses and ignore conflicting evidence. We view challenges incompletely through the frameworks we know instead of with a fresh pair of eyes. And when we communicate our recommendations, we forget our reasoning isn’t obvious to our audience.How can we do it better?In Cracked It!, seasoned strategy professors and consultants Bernard Garrette, Corey Phelps and Olivier Sibony present a rigorous and practical four-step approach to overcome these pitfalls. Building on tried-and-tested (but rarely revealed) methods of top strategy consultants, research in cognitive psychology, and the latest advances in design thinking, they provide a step-by-step process and toolkit that will help readers tackle any challenging business problem. Using compelling stories and detailed case examples, the authors guide readers through each step in the process: from how to state, structure and then solve problems to how to sell the solutions.Written in an engaging style by a trio of experts with decades of experience researching, teaching and consulting on complex business problems, this book will be an indispensable manual for anyone interested in creating value by helping their organizations crack the problems that matter most

(Ré)inventez votre business model


Dunod, Paris


The New Silk Road: China Meets Europe in the Baltic Sea Region – A Business Perspective

The New Silk Road: China Meets Europe in the Baltic Sea Region – A Business Perspective


World Scientific Publishing Company


The "Belt and Road" initiative announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013 aims at reviving the ancient trade routes connecting China to Europe and Africa: the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" and the inland "Silk Road Economic Belt". Both maritime and land routes of the New Silk Road meet Europe in the Baltics — a region accounting for some 150 million inhabitants representing 30% of the total EU population. The maritime route enters Europe through the Mediterranean Sea before reaching the largest European seaports of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea up to Saint Petersburg in Russia. The land route starting from West China crosses Central Asia, Russia and Belarus before reaching the shores of the Baltic Sea.This book focuses on the business and economic dimensions of China's initiative: Chinese government objective and policies, the strategies of Chinese and foreign firms along the Silk Road, trade and investment between China and Nordic-Baltic countries, the Eurasia Land Bridge corridors and logistics, the impact of the New Silk Road on the economies of Central Asia, new institutions financing the "Belt and Road", cross-cultural challenges and Sino-foreign joint ventures along the New Silk Road. The direct impact of China's initiative on economic sectors such as logistics services; the shipping, port management and maritime industry; construction and high-speed train; energy and engineering; and e-commerce, information technology and tourism will be assessed.Readers will be provided with an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and challenges for companies and regions along the New Silk Road as well as 17 short case studies focusing on China-led projects currently developed along the "Belt and Road" and 15 maps of the New Silk Road, the Baltic Sea Region and Central Asia to help in understanding China's vision and strategic moves

All Social 3.0 - Can entrepreneurs save the world?

All Social 3.0 - Can entrepreneurs save the world?




In 'All social 3.0' the authors look for new recipes and sustainable solutions for a society 3.0. How do we redefine economic value in the long term? How and where do social entrepreneurs and commercial companies meet? How does the entrepreneurial citizen really get an impact? And why does the government have to reinvent itself in order to draw the lines for another society, in which innovative partnerships lead to new insights? For this book, journalist Filip Michiels spent hours talking with Steven Serneels, Piet Colruyt, Marieke Huysentruyt and Johan Moyersoen, who in recent years advised companies and governments worldwide in their search for a different, more sustainable future. Michiels also went looking for visionary companies

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