Selected Departmental Publications


First semester

Gottschalg O., Acharya V.V., Hahn M. and Kehoe C. Corporate Governance and Value Creation: Evidence from Private Equity. Review of Financial Studies  26(2):368-402

Astebro T., Braunerhjelm P. and Broström A. 2013. Does academic entrepreneurship pay? Industrial and Corporate Change 22(1):281-311

L. Mulotte, P. Dussauge P.,Mitchell W. and Mulotte L.  2013. Does pre-entry licensing undermine the performance of subsequent independent activities? Evidence from the global aerospace industry, 1944-2000. Strategic Management Journal  34(3) :358-372

Mindruta D. 2013. Value Creation in University - Firm Research Collaborations: A Matching Approach. Strategic Management Journal  34(6):644-665

Quélin B, Bonardi J.P. and Urbiztondo S. 2013. International expansion, diversification and regulated firm nonmarket strategy. Managerial and Decision Economics  34(6) : 379-396

Di Stefano G., King A. and Verona G. 2013. Kitchen Confidential? Norms for the Use of Transferred Knowledge in Gourmet Cuisine. Strategic Management Journal . Sept.
Pacheco de Almeida G., Hawk A. and Yeung B.2013.The Right Speed and Its Value. Strategic Management Journal

Corey Phelps c. and Singh P.  2013. Networks, Social Influence, and the Choice Among Competing Innovations: Insights from Open Source Software Licenses. Information Systems Research  24(3):539-560

Dussauge P., Garrette B., Mulotte L. and Castaner X. 2013. Governance mode vs. governance fit: Performance implications of make-or-ally choices for product innovation in the worldwide aircraft industry, 1942–2000.Strategic Management Journal . July

Astebro T. and Chen J. 2013. The Entrepreneurial Earnings Puzzle: Mismeasurement or Real? Journal of Business Venturing  (available online 18 May 2013)


First semester

Durand R and Cornelissen D. 2012. More than just novelty: conceptual blending and causality. Academy of Management Review  37(1) :152-154

Dussauge P and Wassmer U. 2012. Network Resource Stocks and Flows: How Do Alliance Portfolios Affect the Value of New Alliance Formations? Strategic Management Journal  33 (7) :871-883

Durand R and Brukaya O. 2012. Sell or Close? Alliance Portfolio Diversity and Two Types of High Tech Firms’ Exit. Strategic Organization  10(1):7-30 bruary 2012

Pacheco de Almeida G. and Zemsky P. 2012. Some Like It Free: Innovators Strategic Use of Disclosure to Slow Down Competition. Strategic Management Journal  33(7) :773-793

Astebro T., Bazzazian N and Braguinsky S. 2012. Startups by recent university graduates and their faculty: Implications for university entrepreneurship policy. Research Policy  41(4):663-677

Di Stefano G., Gambardella A. and Verona G. 2012.Technology Push and Demand Pull Perspectives in Innovation Studies: Current Findings and Future Research Directions. Research Policy  41(8):1283-1295

Plambeck N. 2012. The Development of New Products: The Role of Firm Context and Managerial Cognition. Journal of Business Venturing  27(6) :607-621

Second semester

Durand R. 2012. Advancing strategy and organization research in concert: Towards an integrated model?. Strategic Organization  10(3):297-303

Quélin B and Lumineau F. 2012. An Empirical Investigation of Interorganizational Opportunism and Contracting Mechanisms. Strategic Organization  10(1):55-84

Astebro T and Chen G. 2012. Bound and Collapse Bayesian Reject Inference for Credit Scoring. Journal of the Operational Research Society  63(10) : 1374-1387

Quélin B and Kivleniece I. 2012.Creating and Capturing Value in Public-Private Ties: A Private Actor's Perspective. Academy of Management Review  37(2) :272-299

Durand R and Vaara E. 2012.How to connect strategy research with broader issues that matter?; Strategic Organization  10(3):248-255

Obloj T and Sengul M. 2012. Incentive life-cycles: Learning and division of value within firms. Administrative Science Quarterly  57(2):305-347

Phelps C, Heidl R, and Wadhwa A. 2012. Knowledge, networks, and knowledge networks: A review and research agenda. Journal of Management  38(4):1115 – 1166

Astebro T and Winter J.K. 2012. More than a Dummy: The Probability of Failure, Survival and Acquisition of Private Firms in Financial Distress. European Management Review (9) :1-17

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