Entrepreneurship in graduate programs
Entrepreneurship in postgraduate programs
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Entrepreneurship in Graduate Programs

Centre d'entrepreneuriat HEC Paris

Start Up Academy in 1st or 2nd year of the Grande École MiM Program

The Start Up Academy’s goal is to make students experience the life of young web entrepreneurs within three weeks. All major entrepreneurial theories of today are illustrated through concrete examples. Web entrepreneurs, investors, designers and developers also come to share their testimony.

FACT Entrepreneur in 1st or 2nd year of the Grande École MiM Program

FACT Entrepreneur aims to create an innovative system of support for technological entrepreneurship courses, complementing existing incubation tools at HEC, Polytechnique and the Plateau de Saclay Cluster. This program comprises a set of digital resources for understanding the strategic, technological, commercial, human and financial aspects relative to the creation and development of an innovative company, based on new technologies and/or new uses. These resources are developed in partnership with Ecole polytechnique, in joint seminars, and as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), which ensures wide distribution. The corresponding teaching (classroom courses and digital resources) are also offered to all partners from Université Paris-Saclay.

Initiation to Entrepreneurship workshops in 2nd year

Each year, these programs enable students to build synergies with engineering schools. So far, partnerships have been built with Polytechnique and the ENPC, which enable students to work in teams of four (two from each school).

Specialization programs in 3rd year with a strong entrepreneurial dimension

MS Entrepreneurs (French only)
MSc Strategic Management
MSc Sustainability and Social Innovation
MS Alter Management (French only)
MS Médias, Art et Création (French only)
Msc Projet Innovation Conception (French only)MSc Management de Grands Projets (French Only)

Digital Innovation for Business Certificate

The ‘Digital Innovation for Business’ certificate is more than one hundred hours’ additional training in e-business (courses, lectures, practical work, projects) from mid-April to the end of June, open to students from different courses at HEC. Created in 2011, this program specializes in ‘Innovation and Enterprise in the digital economy’. It benefits from the active participation of five partnering entrepreneurs and their companies: Jacques-Antoine Granjon, founder and CEO of Vente-privee.com, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, co-founder of PriceMinister and ISAI funds, Xavier Niel, founder of Free and vice-chairman of the board, Steve Rosenblum, founder and CEO of the Pixmania Group, and Marc Simoncini, founder of Meetic.

Entrepreneurship in Postgraduate Programs

Frédéric Iselin - Centre entreprenariat HEC Paris

HEC Challenge +   

Created in 1990, the Challenge+ Program helps developers of innovative projects with high growth potential build their business plan, and provides assistance throughout the development process. The teaching formula closely associates training, assistance and a personalized follow-up.

The Entrepreneurship Track of the MBA

The Entrepreneurship specialization is one of the major elective courses of our MBA. This program is designed to provide participants with both fundamental and practical skills for starting a venture, either within an organization or from scratch. This program is taught in English and 85% of students are foreign. It is based on a set of fundamental courses on entrepreneurship, six specific courses, and several other electives. The special feature of this course is based on a ‘learning by doing’ philosophy in the form of three and a half intensive months, including fieldwork in laboratories and meetings of the entrepreneurial ecosystem related to the project conducted by a team of three or four students. A unique collaboration between Université Paris-Saclay and the MBA supports this outstanding and innovative teaching initiative.

Executive MBA Major/Advanced Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

This major/advanced certificate is intended for participants interested in launching an innovation or new business, either as part of an established firm or an innovation development team. This major will therefore address both how to drive innovation within the firm and how to enhance entrepreneurial thinking. If the participant’s entrepreneurship project is mature, he/she should apply to the Entrepreneurship – Developing your Business Project major, specifically dedicated to developing ventures.

Executive MBA Major/Advanced Certificate in Entrepreneurship – Developing your Business Project

This program is designed for participants who have a personal project.
Increasingly, HEC Paris EMBA participants are committing themselves to new ventures, as entrepreneurs (in start-ups or takeovers), investors and consultants. The goal of this major is to help participants to:
-   Decide on their future activity
-   Allow them to assess the robustness of their project
-   Help them move forward with the next step.

On Campus Initiatives

Weekly Events

Every Tuesday an entrepreneur is invited on campus for a ‘creativity talk’. In an informal setting, he or she recalls personal experiences and engages present students with concrete feedback on the creation and development of a company. Every Thursday, an entrepreneur or an expert comes to share their expertise in a toolkit workshop, i.e. a practice session. These events are open to all students of the Plateau de Saclay cluster and are held at the eLab.

The eLab

The eLab is an exclusive entrepreneurial lab equipped with state-of-the art interactive technology that stimulates creativity and communication. The student’s ventures are developed from inception to completion of the business plan, through exercises and practical work in addition to regular courses. The eLab has been funded thanks to the generosity of Jean-Luc Allavena, Pascal de Jenlis and Pascal Cagni, donators of the HEC Foundation.
Start-Up Corner at the HEC Career Fair
For the second consecutive year, start-ups will be well represented at the HEC Career Fair. More than 50 French and international start-ups will be present to meet the students and share with them.

Start-ups at the MBA Career Day

The MBA Career Day is also a day for start-ups. This is an all-day event held annually in September on campus at HEC, designed to introduce MBA students to companies, from small start-ups to multinationals.


HEC has already organized two editions of this event.  In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. The latest edition on campus was in September 2014. Go to http://www.tedxhecparis.com for more information.

‘MOOCs’ (massive open online courses) on Coursera

HEC Paris has launched and made available to all its knowledge in two specific areas in the form of MOOCs. Two of these touch on entrepreneurship issues: social entrepreneurship (in collaboration with Ticket for Change) and technological entrepreneurship (with École polytechnique).

‘Becoming an entrepreneur of change’

Based on the expertise of HEC in entrepreneurship and social innovation, as well as the collective experience of the participants of the "Ticket for Change" Tour de France, the MOOC ‘Devenir entrepreneur du changement’ (French only) offers learners to reveal their talents for action in the service of society. From 24 February 2015 for 7 weeks, it helps registered participants move from idea to action for free. HEC Paris professors who designed this MOOC all participate in the HEC Social Business, Enterprise and Poverty chair, and in the Society & Organizations (SnO) Center.

‘Create and develop a technology startup’

Based on the expertise of HEC in technological entrepreneurship, this online course entitled ‘Créer et développer une startup technologique’ (French only) aims to identify and evaluate opportunities to create technology companies, and to understand the key human, technical, commercial, environmental and financial issues. The course consists of methodological sessions as well as testimonies of entrepreneurs and iconic players in the creation of technology companies. Created in collaboration with Polytechnique, it will be released on 1 April 2015.

Support through the HEC Network

Incubateur HEC - Baloon

The HEC Incubator

The HEC Incubator hosts and challenges at an early stage start-ups founded by HEC students and alumni. These are startups bringing innovation into various service sectors, including retail, food, web and big data. With nine months of dedicated coaching, the HEC Incubator helps entrepreneurs with their product, business model, first customers and investors.


As HEC is a founding partner of Incuballiance, all technology projects (except co-incubation agreements) are integrated into this incubator.

Social Entrepreneurship with StandUp HEC

StandUp HEC offers a social incubation program for HEC students and graduates who wish to create structures whose primary purpose is social change. They are assisted in this entrepreneurial approach and its issues with specific coaching. StandUp, the ‘social and solidarity’ incubator, also runs each year in La Courneuve the StandUp 93 program, supporting women of ‘urban policy’ districts to set up social enterprise projects. Today, female entrepreneurs from this training carry a third of all projects assisted by the incubator.

The HEC Alumni Entrepreneurship Group

The HEC Alumni Entrepreneurship Group is one of the 16 Professional hubs that structure HEC Alumni. It gathers nearly 2,000 graduates divided into six operational, topical or regional clubs, as well the HEC Alumni/Google Mercure.
Its goals are:
•   Relay the aims of the association to the entrepreneur community (networking, reputation, solidarity)
•   Welcome all HEC alumni interested in an entrepreneurial adventure
•   Organize regular meeting points between entrepreneurs and professionals of the entrepreneurial sector
•   Maintain close relationships with other groups of the HEC Community (professional groups, campus groups)
•   Promote HEC Entrepreneurship and spark successful business opportunities for group members.
The Young HEC Entrepreneurs Club from the HEC Alumni Entrepreneurship Group
As part of the HEC Alumni Entrepreneurship Group, the Young HEC Entrepreneurs Club facilitates meetings and sharing experiences between alumni that have created start-up.
The registration criteria are:
•   Having graduated from HEC less than ten years ago
•   Having created a business and running it

HEC Alumni Ventures

HEC Alumni Ventures is a private platform bringing together top entrepreneurs, investors and mentors from the HEC Alumni network.

The PEIPS network (Pôle Entrepreneuriat et Innovation Paris-Saclay)

The HEC Paris PEIPS network organizes events promoting entrepreneurial spirit and the creativity of students. It set up the Entrepreneur Student status (and degree) that balances studies and entrepreneurship, and incorporates supervision by passionate practitioners. It also offers to students the tools to enable them to develop and mature their entrepreneurial project: shared working spaces, ‘fablabs’ and business incubators.
Through PEIPS, 12 higher education establishments and 18 socio-economic actors work together, permanently anchoring entrepreneurship and innovation into the life the 70,000 students at Université Paris-Saclay.
Off-Campus Events
The HEC Mercure
The HEC Mercure is a business creation contest organized by HEC Alumni with two aims:
-   Being part of the development of the entrepreneurial values of the HEC trademark
-   Highlighting the work of HEC Entrepreneurs to promote entrepreneurial spirit in our community

Research at HEC

HEC Paris capitalizes on the work realized by the CCIP research chair on entrepreneurship launched in 2006 in collaboration with ESCP-Europe and Novancia. This chair promotes the research in a field of study that is still minor in France, and reinforces permeation between academia and business. Since its creation, the CCIP chair has supported about 15 projects on five main topics: Entrepreneurship & Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Public Policy, Law, Taxation & Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurial Spirit & Risk Taking.
HEC is also involved in common projects that link innovation and entrepreneurship, such as:
•   Activities within the PIMREP (ParisTech Innovation Management Research) network
•   A laboratory, LINEN
•   The Georges Doriot international research days in entrepreneurship
•   The STEP international research program on family entrepreneurship, in partnership with Babson College
•   Partnerships with the École Navale, Polytechnique, and Télécom Paris
To finish, HEC participates alongside other institutions (Cachan, Telecom ParisTech, Paris Sud University and Versailles Saint Quentin University) in the ISIS research program (between Interactions Science, Innovation, and Society), one of four lines of research focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, supported by the Paris-Saclay excellence initiative.


Teaching and research on entrepreneurship and innovation is led by experienced faculty members:
Jean-Loup Ardoin, Emeritus Professor
Thomas Astebro, Professor
Alain Bloch, Affiliate Professor
Francoise Chevalier, Associate Professor
Adina Dabu, Assistant Professor
Kristina Dahlin, Associate Professor
Kristine De Valck, Associate Professor
Jean-Pierre Détrie, Emeritus Professor
Giada Di-Stefano, Assistant Professor
Steve Eppinger, Visiting Professor
Ludovic François, Affiliate Professor
Oliver Gottschalg, Associate Professor
Florian Hoos, Assistant Professor
Frédéric Iselin, Affiliate Professor
Sihem Jouini, Associate Professor
Etienne Krieger, Affiliate Professor
Julien Lévy, Affiliate Professor
Stéphane Madoeuf, Affiliate Professor
Laurent Maruani, Emeritus Professor
Denisa Mindruta, Assistant Professor
Thomas Paris, Affiliate Professor
Michel Safars, Affiliate Professor
Michel Santi, Emeritus Professor
Anne-Laure Sellier, Associate Professore
Mathis Schulte, Associate Professor
David Thesmar, Professor